Fit Food – Eat Food, Feel Good!

Weight Gain Menu

Calorie-controlled, balanced, nutritious diet, created for weight gain

Choose Custom Diet

Personalized diet, based on your preferences and budget

Eat good; Feel good

Our food is balanced, perfectly divided, ready to eat

Detox Diet

This diet will cleanse your blood and eliminate harmful toxins from the body

Healthy food

We use only the best, freshest ingredients, from farms on your table

Healthy food
with natural ingredients

When it comes to eating healthy, the more options, the better. This is why our staff creates the most varied menus. Each menu contains unique recipes that you will customize to your liking.

✓ Organic Ingredients

✓ No OMG

✓ No added fat

✓ No sugar

✓ Fresh served


Why customers choose us

Our meals prepared with unique combinations provide you with the food you need to safely achieve weight loss and other health-related goals.

  • Natural products
    The freshest ingredients of the season in the right proportions for a balanced diet
  • Diverse dishes
    You will find a variety of menus combining the best ingredients to bring unique dishes
  • Ecological packaging
    FitFood uses 100% Ecological Food Packaging
  • Non fry
    Every food is of the best quality on the market, cooked without frying
Food plans

Choose your Diet

Personalize your Diet

The convenience of distributing food every day to your address

We offer food distribution in Tirana. These foods are perfect for your home or office thanks to the cozy packaging they have.

  • It comes to you at the destination and schedule that
    you want between 12:00 and 15:00
  • 0676490400

What our customers say

I learned a lot from Dr. Matina and Instructor Klaton about my health and nutrition. I am very grateful that I lost weight, improved my metabolism and enjoyed every meal they brought me. The quality I found in Fit Food I found nowhere else.

Ana Kurti

I'm so glad I found you Matina and Klaton! I love the food you bring me, the fantastic service and I lost over 10kg in two months. You are my ideal choice.

Rovena Shkurti

Thank you for your food. Fit Food has completely changed the way I eat, it has helped me with my stomach problems and now I feel better than ever.

Aleks Seitaj

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